how to type voice to text

    Hello friends In today's block, we will tell you how to type anything in Hindi and English or any other language by speaking in a laptop or computer.       

Welcome to our block, this software is absolutely free and can be bought, but today we will tell you about free software so that any laptop or computer is absolutely free and very quickly by typing any spoken word You will be able to find the name of this software. Speech Notes Search in Google and select the language in it and press on the mic. Now whatever word you speak, Rant will convert itself into note And copy it and wherever you can make a score, if you do blogging then it can help you. You will be able to type too much in very short time by saying it very quickly and without any mistake this website will look great Please use this website and take advantage of it. If this website supports some of your help then you can also do this website. Thank you                                                                                 

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